July 6, 2012

Moving Day!!!!

Hello all my followers, facebook fans and friends! I am moving The Super Saver Mom, I have decided to start a new blog focusing on my weight loss journey, some deals and some family/home stuff. It should be really fun and I am sad to see the Super Saver Mom go, but please join me at: www.prettylivingpdx.blogspot.com and follow along for my journey!


July 2, 2012

Fred Meyer Buy 10 Save $3 Promo

This week at Fred Meyer they are continuing the mega sale

*Buy 10 (participating) items save $3 instantly and get a $2 Catalina (good on your next shopping trip)

There are tons of participating items that are marked in stores and below I have a list of some of those deals, just to get your mind going on some possible scenarios

-Gatorade $0.69 

-Coca-Cola soft drinks (2L) $0.99

-Kraft Barbecue Sauce $0.59

-General Mills Cereals $1.88
    Use $1/2 or $1/3 or $0.75/1 Apple Cinnamon Chex

-Lay's Potato Chips $1.99
    Use $0.55/1 Lays
    Use $0.75/2 Lays Kettle Chips

-Best Foods Mayonnaise $2.49
   Use $2/2 in 6/24 SS

-Bryers Ice Cream $2.49
    Use $1/1 (you will need to log in to print) or $1/2

Deal Scenarios

#1- If you need to stock up on condiments for your 4th of July BBQ
Buy 8 Kraft Barbecue sauces - $0.59 ea
Buy 2 Best Foods Mayonnaise - $2.49 ea
Total = $9.70

Use $2/2 Best Foods from 6/24 SS
Final Price $5.70 = just $0.57 per item (price is after $2 OYNSO)

#2 If you want to have root beer floats for your BBQ dessert, YUM!
Buy 6 Breyers Ice Cream - $2.49 ea
Buy 4 Coca Cola 2L- $.99 ea
Total = $18.90

Use 2 $1/1 Bryers
Use 2 $1/2 Bryers
Final Price $12.90 = Just $1.29 per item (price is after $2 OYNSO)!

#3 If you have cereal lovers in your house
Buy 2 boxes of Apple Cinnamon Chex - $1.88 ea
Buy 8 other boxes of assorted GM cereals - $1.88 ea
Total = $18.80

Use 2 $0.75/1 Apple Cinnamon Chex
Use 4 $1/2 General Mills Cereals
Final Price $11.30 = $1.13 per box! Price is after $2 OYNSO

#4 If you need a little bit of everything
Buy 2 Bryers Ice Creams - $2.49 ea
Buy 2 Boxes of Apple Cinnamon Chex - $1.88 ea
Buy 2 Best Foods Mayonnaise - $2.49 ea
Buy 4 Kraft BBQ Sauces - $0.59 ea
Total = $16.08

Use 2 $1/1 Bryers
Use 2 $0.75/1 Apple Cinnamon Chex
Use $2/2 Best Food Mayonnaise 6/24 SS

Final Price = $8.58 = $0.85 per item! Price is after $2 OYNSO

*Remember with this Bonus Buy Promo, you can mix and match all the items you just need to have them in groups of 10 to save $3 and get the $2 Catalina. You can also do one transaction of 10 items and roll the $2 Catalina to the next transaction to lower your OOP! Pin It

July 1, 2012

New Month = New Coupons

Today is July 1st so all the printable coupons have reset! You can head to any of these 3 sites and the coupons have restocked for July.

-Smart Source
-Red Plum

Simply click the links above to print this months coupons!

Also on coupons.com there is another awesome savings oppurtunity, you can sign up for the Coupon Savings Club  which gets, you higher value coupons and early acces to coupons just to name a couple benefits!

Just look for this symbol in the upper left hand corner of your screen and when you sign up your first 30 days are free, after that it costs $3/month.

Here are a few of the coupons that I saw today as part of my Coupon Savings Club Membership

-Twix- Buy 1 Get 1 Free
-$2.25/1 Degree Clinical Deoderant
-$1.25/1 Comet Stainless Steel Cleaner
-$3/1 Kingsford Charcoal

I would suggest setting a calendar reminder on your phone a few days before it expires so you do not get charged, or you can pay for it and continue to use it. Pin It

June 30, 2012

Expires Tonight: Groupon Organic Produce Deal

Reminder that you only have until tonight to order the 10 pounds of organic produce for $15 from ProFarm Produce on Groupon! This deal expires at 11:59 PM

Click here to buy your box Pin It

June 29, 2012

Groupon: Organic Produce $15 for 10 lbs

Groupon is having a great deal for the Portland area, right now you can get a 10 pound box of fruit for just $15!

Deal Details:
*10-Pound box of peaches, nectarines, and apricots (7/21-9/9)
 *10-pound box of pears and apples (8/25-10/21)
*Choice of pick up place (10 different farmers market locations)
*This fruit is certified organic!
*You may buy 2 for yourself and 1 as a gift

This makes the produce just $1.50/lb! In my book this is a great deal for organic produce! Pin It

Papa Murphy's Coupons

Today is finally Friday, and after going to school 4 days this week while running a household with 3 little ladies, I am feeling like a pizza night.

I decided to check out Papa Murphys website and I found a link to some great coupons.

Head on over here to Papa Murphy's
Click on Coupons & e-club
Enter you zip code
Get coupons for your area!

Simple and easy, my coupons were
*$3 off any regular menu priced family size pizza
*$7- 1 topping deLITE pizza
*$8 chicken bacon artichoke deLITE pizza
*$10 large taco grande pizza

So some good coupons, come back and let us know what coupons showed up for you! Pin It

June 28, 2012

Old Navy $1 Flip-Flop Sale

This Saturday (6/30) at Old Navy they are having the wonderful $1 flip-flop sale.

This sale includes solid color flip-flops only and this is only in-store.

In previous years there has been a limit of 5 pairs, so expect the same for this years sale. Pin It