August 26, 2010

DSW Smokin hot shoe deal!

This is perfect for back-to-school or just a new pair of shoes (or in my case 2 or 3...). DSW has some awesome clearance deals right now, and there are three codes that can be used on one order and if you go through Shop at Home you can get 7% back on your purchase.

*Login to Shop at Home here

*Type DSW in the search field

*When the results come up click the first one (this will open a new window)
Check out their clearance section (this is where you will find the best deals)

Use the codes in this order
1) SHIPR- free shipping
2) SAVE20- To get 20% off your order
3) FALLSHOP- $10 off $49 or $25 off $99

The shoes above were $24.94 so here is a deal scenario I came up with:
Buy 2 pairs of shoes priced at $24.94 = 49.88
-$9.97 for 20% off = 39.91

-$10 for $10 off $49 = $29.91

Grand total for 2 pairs of shoes shipped to your door for free...$29.91!!! Plus 7% cash back from Shop at home (Plus $5 for signing up for Shop at Home for the first time)
Thank you For The Mommas!!

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