May 20, 2011

Awesome Albertsons Deal!

So...last week at Albertsons the Fuze drinks were $0.50 each wyb 10, so with the $1/2 coupon they would be free. I ordered 20 coupons on Ebay for $5.50, which worked out to be around $0.12 per drink, so still a killer deal. I went to Albertsons tonight to cash in and I got all this stuff for a grand total of...
That is 40 Fuze drinks
3 Boxes of Ronzoni Garden Delight pasta
and 2 Ocean Spray sparkling cranberry drinks!!

The only thing I paid for was the Ocean Spray drinks, and the best part is Albertsons is doing a game promotion and on your receipt it tells you how many game pieces you got from your purchase I got...
41!! That is right 41 pieces, so hopefully I win something!

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