February 20, 2012

Free Jason Toothpaste 3 pack from Vitacost!

Right now on Vitacost.com you can get a 3 pack of Jason Power Smile All-Natural toothpaste for free with $10 Vitacost credit, and this 3 pack comes with free shipping!

Right now when you sign up for Vitacost.com through my link you will be e-mailed a $10 credit within a few minutes, follow these directions to get  your free toothpaste shipped to your door.

*Go to Vitacost and sign up for your $10 credit
*Once you are e-mailed your credit go to vitacost.com
*Search item #: 078529991001
*Add this to your cart and use your $10 credit in the promo code field

Your total cost will be $0 for 3 packs of toothpaste shipped to your door!!

Also your whole order will ship free when you purchase this toothpaste, so you can purchase additional items and save $4.99 in shipping costs!

Remember if you order additional items go here and register for Shop at Home and get a $5 credit and 8% cash back! Pin It

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