December 20, 2010

Nintendo DS and DS Lite Deals

Nintendo DSi Matte - Black Nintendo DSi - Pink
Right now on they have the Nintendo DS Lite in Metallic Rose and Crimson/Black for just $129.99, and you get a $20 Amazon credit when you purchase it! They also have the Nintendo DSi in Black, Pink and Blue for just $149.99 with the same $20 Amazon credit after purchase.

Look for this box to ensure the item you choose will give you the $20 Amazon credit.

**I am no video game buff, but it seems that the difference between the DSi and the DS Lite is that the DSi has cameras,larger screens (3.25 vs 3.0 and you can play Game Boy Advance games on it so you can weigh it out but either way these are both awesome deals! Pin It

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