June 28, 2012

Facebook Problem...Solved!

Facebook is going through a lot of changes, and in my opinion most of them are quite annoying. I cannot take away the timeline (my biggest issue), but I have solved an issue some people are having with being able to see the Super Saver Mom posts in your news feed.

-The first tip is for you to "like" my posts, if you like the post Facebook will see you interacting with the page. This will increase the chance of you seeing my updates in your news feed.

* Go directly to the page you have liked (The Super Saver Mom Page)
* Hover you mouse over the 'liked' button. No clicking just hover there
* A drop down menu will appear and you just need to click "show in my news feed"

That is all and you will be able to see more Super Saver Mom updates! Pin It

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