June 14, 2012

It never hurts to ask...

It never hurts to ask. This is my motto when it comes to customer service just about anywhere. I was wandering the children's clothing section at Target (my favorite place in the whole store) and I spotted this adorable dress. I picked it up and saw that it was the perfect size and price for my 4 year old. But...it had a button missing, I really wanted it though so I decided to ask for an extra discount. When I was checking out I asked if they would discount the dress because it was missing a button and they did! I saved an additional 15% on the clearance dress and all I have to do is simply sew on a button!

Last weekend I was at a Target store (see a trend here?) that was closing down so all the clearance was an additional 75% off, basically my dream come true. I realized as I was passing the customer service desk that there was a cart full of 'go-backs'. So guess what I did next? I asked! I asked if someone could look through the cart for any clearance items for me, the wonderful associate pulled the cart out and let me look through it myself! I found a swimsuit bottom for me for just $2.49 and a shirt for my sister for only $0.52! I was in hog heaven.

Now imagine if you will how sad and incomplete my life may have been had I not asked, ok so not really, but you see my point. It never hurts to ask.
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