January 6, 2010

Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards Points

Here is 8 more Huggies Enjoy the Ride Reward Points

BXZWT-NJFSL-HCPGB (worth 5 points)

BGCJJ-ZSTLN-NSPGB (worth one point)

BGCSZ-MBLDW-WDPGB (worth one point)

BGDZB-QLXKN-NCPGB (worth one point)

Just go here and register

Huggies has started putting these points on their diapers and wipes packages, you can enter them and save them to buy a prize or you can play instant win games to win prizes such as gift cards or cash! Check it out
You can find a list with over 80 points here thank you freebies4moms!!

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