January 4, 2010

Register Rewards

Register Rewards are Catalina coupons that print out when you purchase certain items/and or you spend a certain amount on different items. This coupon (pictured) above can then be used on your next transaction at Walgreens.

  • You can earn one RR deal per transaction, so if there is a $2 Huggies RR and you buy 3 packages of Huggies in the same transaction only one $2 RR will print to get all 3, split them into 3 seperate transactions then a $2 RR will print for each one.

  • You cannot use a Huggies RR to pay for Huggies in a seperate transaction, so you will need to switch off RR deals. For instance use your Huggies RR to pay for something else that is producing a RR that week then use that RR to purchase your Huggies.

  • Walgreens treats RR's as manufacturers coupons. If you have a $2 RR and you are purchasing a razor using a manufacturer coupon, then you will also need to purchase a small filler such as a holiday pencil or a small piece of candy. There is a limit of one manufacturers coupon per item.

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