January 3, 2010

Rite Aid 101

Rite aid has a program called Single Check Rebates, this is an awesome program because often times you can get an item for free after rebate and when you combine this with a manufacturers coupon you end up making money on the deal.

Each month Rite Aid will have rebates on many different items, just go here to register, once you register just start entering receipts. Once you enter your receipt information, wait about 2 days then log back on and it will show a list of all the rebates you are eligible for, then just click request my rebate.

Keep in mind you can only request one rebate check per household/per month, so just enter all your receipts online and wait until the monthly rebate period ends to request your check.

The check (pictured above) can be cashed at a bank, or you can also take it to Rite Aid and use it like a gift card towards another purchase.

The rebate amount will not deduct coupons you used, for instance if the item was $4 and the SCR is $4 and you used a $2 coupon, you will get the full $4 rebate even though you paid $2 for the item so you would make $2 on this deal.

I would advise you to keep your receipts until the rebate clears your account, just in case it does not show up. If it does not show up, you can fax a copy of your receipt and what rebate you were trying to get to 800-457-2243, send a note as well letting them know you would like the rebate credited to your SCR account.

For example, they had a $3 SCR on Olay Regenerist moisturizers the math looked like this:
Purchase 2 Olay Regenerist Mosturizers at $7.99 ea = $15.98
used 2 $3/1 Regenerist Coupons =$15.98-6 total $9.98
submit for SCR- get back $6 also submitted for the $15 Olay Regenerist Rebate here
So after rebates this deal was a $5 moneymaker Pin It

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